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vy9jagketxlkwiwabo2kMr. Roger Doyne is the current director and founder of Youth Institute.  He  has  lived in the College Station community for most of his life and has always desired to be apart of making his community better.  College Station was ravaged by an F4 tornado on March 1, 1997, since that time major rebuilding efforts have gone into the community.  The community has received new houses, businesses, streets, parks, community centers and even a medical clinic.  All of these much needed improvements are well received by the residents and the community is much better in light of them.  However Mr. Doyne noticed that in the midst of all the infrastructure investments there was still something missing.

The missing component was the investment into the lives of the youth in our community.  There has been little movement toward providing after-school and out-of-school programming for the children and youth.  This is the problem that Youth Institute hopes to solve.

Youth Institute is interested in creating an environment for youth to not only grow, but also an environment for youth to develop those critical life skills and a Christ-centered worldview that will serve as an anchor as they navigate through life.
With limited resources but a desire to make a difference, Mr. Doyne decided he could not stand by another summer and do nothing for the youth of this community. With one gift of $500 from a local businessman a building was secured.  Since that initial investment, others have donated their time, talents and resources to provide a very beneficial opportunity for the children and youth of College Station.

Unfortunately the statistics tell us that 67% of the African American homes are without fathers.  With this being the case, mothers are not only having to be the loving nurturer in the home but also the main breadwinner.  At the end of the day, there is only so much time and strength to invest in their beloved children.  Youth Institute hopes to serve as an extension of the home and provide these parents with the support they need to raise up well-balance youth.  With your participation, prayers, volunteerism and financial support we can create an organization that will make a huge difference in the lives of our children and youth in this community.


To equip a generation of youth , physically, mentally, academically, socially and spiritually through intentional training and  development.


Our mission is to provide guidance, training, and mentoring during the developmental stage of a youth’s life. Our goal is to equip them with the necessary tools needed to navigate through life successfully. 


Through the use of strategic programming and mentorship we hope to create an environment of exchange whereby we will be able to transfer a wealth of knowledge and experience into the lives of the next generation. As we  identify the God-given gifting and talents of each individual youth,  we hope to support that with an array of strategic programming and mentorship which will serve to guide the youth toward a more rewarding experience.


Roger Doyne
President/ Executive Director

Cory Walker
Board of Directors

Darly Dandredge
Board of Directors

Regina Doyne
Secretary/Education Coordinator


Fellowship North Church, NLR
1 E 52nd St, North Little Rock, AR 72116

Roger Doyne & Associates Insurance Agency
Roger Doyne, Sr
2651 Pike Ave, North Little Rock, AR 72114


Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church #4

Pastor Walls

5100 Frazier Pike

College Station, Ar  72206


Doyne Construction Company

Mr. Dexter Doyne

719 N. Main Street

North Little Rock, AR  72114






Summer 2017

Summer program will start June 5th thru July 28. The program wll focus on providing two meals a day, lunch and a snack, five days a week. This summer our hours will be from 12 noon to 4pm.  Last summer we were able to provide over a 1000 meals to the youth of College Station during our out-of-school summertime. We had over 60 youth come through our doors to take advantage of what Youth Institute had to offer. Programming included morning devotions, games, sports, gardening, healthy meal preparation instructions, guest speakers, presenters, and fieldtrips. Many thanks to all our supporters and volunteers.

This summer our focus will be focused in four areas: 1) providing healthy meals for all the youth in the community, 2) providing an opportunity for physical fitness through exercise, playtime and organized sports, 3) training the youth in thinking skills and decision making skills by the use of learning to play chess and forming a youth chess club for tournament play, and 4) instructions in character development through our daily devotions.

Registration and Orientation will be Saturday, June 3rd at 6pm at our building located at 4208 Frazier Pike, College Station.

revised iYouth basketball flyer

Download the registration packets for iYouth Sports and Team Connect Track.


If you are interested in assisting in any area please call our office at 501-475-5742 or forward your contact information via this website. Occasionally we may have different events the youth can participate in throughout the year, if you would like to be added to your email list, please contact us with your email address and contact information.

Also we recruiting professional mentors and volunteers for Summer 2017. If you are anyone you know would like more information on how you can serve in either of those areas please contact our office.

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Director: Mr. Roger Doyne
Phone: 501-475-5742

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4208 Frazier Pike
College Station, AR 72206

Send Correspondence to:
Youth Institute
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